Chapter Thirty Seven – Give Me Love


Evening Lovelies

I’m so so behind in posts!

I’ve been so so crazy busy at work and now its busy at home too. I started to write this post just after Valentines Day (hence the picture) and now I find myself at 7th March and thinking, where has that time gone?

Its absolutely crazy at the moment, weeks just fly by and I blink and I’ve missed something.

So this will be a VERY short post and then I will write a complete update tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening


Lady C x


Chapter Thirty Six – Love Cats


Evening lovelies

Last week we lost our beloved cat. Maddison. What a beauty she was. We had had her for 16 years, which is pretty good innings for a cat. She was sick at the end and we often questioned if we left it too long, but she was such a massive part of our family and we loved her like that. Like another child. As people often do.

To say goodbye was heartbreaking. She was such a little personality. Funny and quite ‘in your face’ – she was noisy and chatty and used to run to see us all when we got in. She was my little pal and then she was my husbands. Such a character.

She put up with Daniel too, he loved her. He could pick her up and fuss her and she would purr and let him.  It wasn’t always like that! but in the last few months she really morphed in to Daniels cat. We wanted to be really honest with him, but he’s 4 so we were subtle. We took it stage by stage and explained Maddie was sick, that the vets had taken her and finally she had died.


I think he was well prepared as he seemed OK with it (as he can be) and talks about how Maddie is now up in heaven.

It started to make me think about loss. We’ve lost some pretty serious people in our lives over the last 2/3 years.  The saddest and most heartbreaking was one of my closest friends son’s.  Not my story to share, but needless to say, an impossible and incomprehensible loss. I look at her everyday and think how amazing she is, to get up and carry on. She’s my hero and I love her (& her daughter). She’s someone I am so blessed to have in my life and Daniel’s.

My Father in Law also. He was ill for a long time. When he passed away, it was almost a relief. He was very much in pain.

So I then think about my parents and how old they are now and how much life has changed for them. I’m 38 this year. My parents are getting older (my dad is 70 next year) and the thought of my mortality hits me. Their mortality.

How long do I truly have with them? how long does Daniel have with them? Grandparents are so special. We must keep them in our lives as long as possible.

I don’t really want to think about it. I honestly don’t. But I think loss, no matter how big or small, makes you reassess your own life.  Your own feelings and your own memories.


So then, so I can keep going, I think of all the good things in my life.

My Husband and Son – my Sun, Moon and Stars. My Friends – so many wonderful ones. My Family – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. My work – love it and wish I didn’t have to do it in equal measure.

Someone asked me recently – how do I define myself – what’s my ‘identity’? I said:

A mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a sister and a woman.

I am all these things. I hope more. But if this is what I am, that’s good enough.



Lady C xxx


Chapter Thirty-Five – Shake it off


Evening my lovelies

Well its been a couple of weeks since I’ve written anything. Its been such a very busy couple of weeks. Going back to work and finding my feet again in the new year was quite hard.  I discovered something called Social Jetlag. Which kind of explained it all!

This totally describes how I have been feeling lately. I feel exhausted and a bit overwhelmed at the moment! Don’t get me wrong, I think 2015 is going to be fantastic, but sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees.

So I’m going to rebalance by organising some holidays. This always makes me feel better. I think on 2nd January I was booking my holidays for 2015! (my poor boss). I tend to count down the days to half terms and school holidays.

This half term I’ve already booked loads of exciting things. I have made some lovely friends at school (which I’m so happy about as I was so nervous about that as you know). Some really lovely people who have so many of the same insecurities as me and the same challenges.

I’ve regressed to a grumpy teenager the last two weeks. I’ve been a bit stroppy and I’m ashamed of myself. Everyone wants a piece of me and I find by Friday, I don’t have anything left to give! But then I wake up on Saturday and my boy crawls into our bed and says ‘mummy is it saturday’ and all is right with the world again.


I love this. There is a section in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) that talks about ‘reframing’ and how you can change your mood or your mind by thinking of things differently. This isn’t easy. You need to practise and focus. (you need to know the technique too) but put simply – its about thinking differently. Or thinking about a situation or a feeling differently. Its a conscious choice to ‘rethink’ about something in a positive light. I don’t always achieve this.

Lets face it, its January, its cold, its perpetually dark, christmas is over, we are all skint. Its DEPRESSING! social jet lag is one excuse but January Blues is the other. I usually find January quite painful. I love Christmas so much and January is such an anti-climax. Last year I’d started a new job, which took a bit of the pain away. I love my job, my team, my role but even that can’t get me out of my funk.



The only thing that is good about January, is the potential for SNOW which is SUPER exciting. We had some smatterings but nothing big has landed, but I’m crossing my fingers (and everything else) for snow.

So, tomorrow night I’ve been invited around to one of the gorgeous mum’s from school for wine & a chat. I can’t wait.

OK, so time for me to log off and get myself organised for my lovely Saturday ahead.

Night lovelies, sleep well

Lady C





Chapter Thirty Four – For Auld Lang Sayne


Happy New Year Beautiful People

I hope that you had an amazing New Years Eve and that you got to celebrate with your friends, family and loved ones.

What a year this has been. A new job and Daniel going to school and so many challenges. Its been hard in so many ways but also so amazing in so many ways.

This will be a short post as I will be writing a much longer one this weekend but just some quick thoughts… below is a list of “end of year reflection questions”.

I love this, reminds me its good to reflect and good to remember.

I hope you all had fabulous new years and can’t wait to talk to you all again properly next week!


Lady C














Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never thought upon;
The flames of Love extinguished,
and fully past and gone:
Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,
that loving Breast of thine;
That thou canst never once reflect
On Old long syne.

On Old long syne my Jo,
On Old long syne,
That thou canst never once reflect,
On Old long syne.

Chapter Thirty Three – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

IMG_4396Evening lovelies

Its Boxing Day and I feel compelled to write a quick little note to you all. I hope you all had a good Christmas!


This is the present that made Daniel look like this


He was over the moon with his bike! I think its probably the best present we’ve ever got him. He literally looked like the happiest little boy on the planet!

We did the whole routine on Christmas Eve. We went Carol Singing and then came back and did our little rituals.  We opened our Christmas Eve boxes, we lay out the mince pie, Clementine and Milk for Santa and the carrot for Rudolph. We then went about sprinkling reindeer food on the decking for the reindeers.






Daniel and I loved doing this! Its one of my favourite traditions. We put the ‘key’ on our back door on the back door too.

He was really good and went to bed reasonably quickly and fell asleep ( I think visiting Santa at Frosts was probably helpful as they told the kids to be in bed and asleep). It was a little bit of a late night really as we usually have Daniel in bed at 7pm but this special christmas eve night we had a bit of later one.

Dec and I then went around wrapping the last presents and getting everything ready.  I then had to paint my nails (essential) so I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would have liked!


Christmas Day dawned a crisp and sunny day and our little man woke up at 5am! We managed to get him back in to bed with us and we got him to 8.20am. Which for me was a Christmas miracle on its own. We got up and he opened his stocking in his room (which bless him he had seen at 5am when he first woke up). He LOVED everything in it but was desperate to get downstairs and see if Santa has delivered his beloved Red Bike.


Thank goodness…. he had! Yippeeeee. Think Daniels face says it all!


He then saw the snow footprints from Santa… this was the brilliant look on his face.


We then got excited opening all the other presents he had. He is so lucky, he had loads of lovely things from lovely lovely people!


We had a quick look at the dinner timings and I started prepping the table and we started thinking about getting our christmas music on.  I got dressed in my Christmas finery and got my mother in law to take a picture of me and my hubbie! (me in my Christmas Day dress)


Then we went about the business of giving our guests drinks (our best friends Bec and John). We had our first glass of prosecco and some christmas cheers.


So after a couple of hours… the main event… our Christmas Dinner!


IMG_5023 IMG_5044

We then did a few more glasses of wine and a few more pictures….


Me and My Bestest friend in the whole wide world!


Her and her husband John.


The obligatory ‘SELFIE!’

Then we decided to test out Daniel’s bike and go for a refreshing walk in the woods.  I’ve never done this before and I loved it!


We then had a little pause before the next round of visitors – our other friends Neil and Victoria.


We went for our cheese and cracker course. I was SO full. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how much food I consumed yesterday!  I wanted to explode (and I couldn’t sleep as a consequence!)

We finally went to bed, Happy, Full and filled with festive spirit.  Ready for Family gathering part two…. Boxing Day.

All we need now is snow….. (wishing right now!)

Love Lady C x


Chapter Thirty One – Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…


Hello Gorgeous People

Well, its 4 days to Christmas and there is a level of excitement in this house that I’ve not experienced before. Its completely my fault of course. I started this extravaganza on 23rd November when I put the tree up. Yes the 23rd November.  Christmas begins in this house (in my head) as soon as it turns autumn. I love Halloween onwards and our village Christmas Carnival is the ‘start’ of christmas. All my friends come over, the trees are up, the house is decorated to within an inch of its life, the mulled wine is on and mince pies are out (amongst other things).


When I say trees its not a typo. I have a minimum of 2 tree’s. ‘My tree’ and ‘Daniel’s Tree’. I know. Its a mad as it sounds, but I LOVE decorating my tree and I like it to be perfect. Which I know sounds bonkers but I love christmas so much and I love my house and tree to reflect my love! So Daniel has his own tree that he can decorate and do whatever he wants to it. He has chosen Blue and Green as his theme this year.

IMG_4107 This is Daniel starting to help me with my tree.  Below is it completed.


Below is Daniel’s tree.



Then some other parts of the house!





I love my house at Christmas! I go all out. I love having fairy lights everywhere, twinkling and making everything look beautiful. I love the smells, gingerbread, cinnamon and mulled wine. I enjoy baking all the festive food, I like to put a bit of love in everything and make it special for my loved ones. Most of all I like the traditions. The mince pie and carrot out on christmas eve ready for Father Christmas. I love writing the letter to Father Christmas and then the subsequent letter arriving! (thank you Nikki!!x) carol singing on Christmas Eve and having our best friends over on Christmas Day night. The Boxing Day buffet and Bread sauce on Christmas Day with Turkey.

IMG_4445 IMG_4407IMG_4114

This year, its extra special because Daniel is that little bit older and he understands more. He’s been learning about it at school and I have to say, he’s been so lucky to have been to such a brilliant school where they seem to embrace both the religious and non religious aspects of Christmas. Daniel has had the full rounded version. The Friends, Family and presents bit coupled with the traditional nativity story.  Speaking of Nativity, I was overwhelmed this year to attend Daniel’s Nativity and Christingle service, both of which were wonderful.  I’m so lucky one of the lovely mum’s took the middle picture for me as we were the other side of the church!




Daniel was exceptional in his school nativity (I know I am biased!) we actually were so proud as he seemed to have quite a key part! We had no idea and were so surprised when we arrived to see it! He was brilliant and I will bore my family with the DVD at Christmas!

So this last week has been a crazy round of Christmas Parties and events and subsequently I’m still in bed watching ‘Snow Buddies’ with Daniel whilst writing this blog post!

IMG_0511IMG_4276IMG_0500We had a Bake Off at Work, Secret Santa and then I used our Elfridges to buy presents, so all in all, work was a super busy place last week (including our HR Christmas Party which was fab fun!)

We had some sad times these last two weeks too.  It was the anniversary of my Father in Laws passing on 14th Dec. 2 years on. The only good part was spending time with my niece, nephew and Sister in Law! They cooked a fantastic meal and the kids had a brilliant time playing together.




So last night we did the final thing (apart from our christmas eve traditions) to see Father Christmas at Frosts and confirm the Red Bike that Daniel really wants for Christmas!  Daniel was a bit overwhelmed by it all, he really believes so he was super excited to ask for the bike from the Big Man himself!

So now its all present wrapping and getting the kids together for fun before I get up at 6am to pick up the turkey on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure I can sleep! See you on the other side beautiful people.


Lots of love

Lady C xxx


Chapter Thirty-Two – De de de de, der der der der…de de de dah dah! (Strictly Come Dancing -LIVE)


OK so not a great title for this post, as what I really wanted to say was I’VE BEEN TO STRICTLY COME DANCING! The actual show – LIVE! but hard to start a blog like that so here goes…

So this is the story – but as promised I swore/pledged the strictly oath so I will not be giving away all the secrets but it was a brilliant day.

Firstly I need to tell you that my best friend gets all the credit for this experience.  We both independently applied for tickets and she actually won them! I’m so lucky she was happy to take me. Thank you Bec – I love you!

So – she won the tickets, read the instructions and we thought, yay, sorted, we’ll rock up at midday, get our tickets validated, go home and come back for the main show. Er No.

We both read lots of blogs and we realised – a) how lucky we were to even get the chance to queue b) now how much more we wanted to GET IN!!

So we are very lucky we only live about 45 mins drive away. Whilst queuing (more on that in a moment) we realised how far people had come for this experience.

Apparently there are approx. 400 seats and approx. 800 emails are sent out to ensure they fill the studio. So glad we read this information.

After ‘winning’ a golden ticket – I would have been devastated to not get in! So we hatched a plan.

We were fairly organised, Bec’s husband (bless him) had made us sandwiches and provided much needed TWIX’s and as we scuttled off around 8.30am on Saturday morning I was thinking how organised we were. We had big coats, gloves etc and felt quite proud of ourselves. We arrived and parked kind of around the corner and walked to get to the queue about 9.30am.

As we rounded the corner, we then realised that this was a marathon not a sprint.  Very organised people had chairs, flasks, blankets and full on picnic’s. The queue was already about 200 people (approx we were guessing!) and the first 30 people (who were actually sat either side of the judges in the front row) had arrived at 5.20am. To queue. Wow. Thats a level of dedication we hadn’t even considered.

So on that basis, we were both elated and tiny bit nervous! Clearly (based on the blogs we had read) we were going to get in… (we thought) but where would we sit and how long could we stand and how would it before we needed a wee. Bec is actually a self confessed ‘Camel’ and when we arrived she needed to go, 3.5 hours later she still hadn’t been. Very impressed. (If I need to go it always needs to be RIGHT NOW!)

So we started to queue. I tweeted Karen Hauer and she responded! I was sooooo excited. I then posted on Facebook. Even more excited people wishing us luck getting in. I’m nothing if not a social media junkie!


This is us wrapped up the queue. By 10am I wanted the TWIX. We never have a problem chatting me and my best friend so we managed to fill the 3 hours with loads of good quality catching up and also we made friends! We met a lovely mum and daughter couple in front and behind us so we started chatting.  The two in front of us had come from WALES! This was also their 3rd time so I was really excited to hear what was in store for us.  They were lovely ( and we did meet them later and sit with them). We really hope we all get in next year so we can compare notes. (Although I’m sorry I rushed us out so we didn’t get to say goodbye to them).

So we chatted and queued and finally at midday they started validating tickets. Wow – Speedy and efficient. We were 297 and 298… the ladies in front assured us that was ‘ on the ground floor seats’  it hadn’t even occurred to me that there was a top level of seating. So we were super excited!

So they told us we had to be back at 3pm.

I made the decision to drive to Watford ( about 10 mins drive) to eat etc but on reflection, that was a bit of a palava. We had a small parking drama and we ended up REALLY rushing back (it was unnecessary but they made us panic!) but we got changed in John Lewis Toilets and I think we both looked quite hot despite the lack of time and space! The dress code did say ‘glamourous’ and that’s what they got!

I have no pictures at all from about 3pm as part of the strictly code is no mobile phones. I was a bit freaked out by this. Having a 4 year old at home and probably a few hours of hours of no communication, I was a tad nervous (but also I’m never more than 5 seconds from my phone!!). I did get over it quickly as we walked in to the ‘holding’ tent and found our new friends.  Everyone looked great and had really made an effort. Very impressive.

We started to get soooo excited and the adrenalin kicked in…. we were at STRICTLY COME DANCING, in the tent and getting IN!!!!

So we waited about an hour or so and we had lots of instructions but we were so happy to be there. I was nervous and needed about 3 wee’s. (sorry but its true!)

They called us in in number batches. So 250 -300 and we were in. OMG. This was it. We made it to the back row on the side opposite the judges. We could see all the action but we couldn’t be seen by the cameras. We made friends with the studio person and said if there was any spaces at the front, could we get sat down there.


Then we got REALLY lucky, they needed to pre record the first Bollywood number because they had lots of costume changes etc and there was two spaces on the front row….. two seats and they were ours (for the number). We were in strictly heaven. Looking at this picture, we were in the front row on the right. We could see everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

All the dancers came out initially to warm up and do a few practice steps. I was a bit overwhelmed. I’ve watched this show every series since it started and I LOVE it. I never miss an episode and I’m a massive fan. I felt a bit emotional.  It all became real. We were HERE! I think I was a bit starstruck.

Firstly the female dancers are TINY and I don’t just mean small, I mean petite and very slim, but yet curvy and healthy looking, but diddy. I mean none of them are over 5 foot (apart from Natalie) who is taller but still small. Secondly the studio floor is small. Much smaller than it looks on TV. I really don’t know how they do it but it looks massive on tele but its really small in real life. The studio feels quite intimate. Like you have your own private dance floor. Its amazing. I just felt so happy to be there and be part of it.

Thirdly its worth noting how GORGEOUS certain male dancers are. Particularly one. OK well two. Aljaz is HOT. I mean Pasha is gorgeous but Aljaz is a whole other level. Lucky Jeanette Manrara! Actually to be honest, the girls are all beautiful too. (see below!).


The boys came in pretty much topless (even Kevin is super cute – well done Karen! – who is actually sooo gorgeous too) which set out pulses racing even more!

The Bollywood number was phenomenal. I mean sensational. Then when done, they made them do it again. So not only did we see it once in the front row, but twice! It really was something special seeing it live.

We had a really good ‘warm up’ man Stu. He was funny and kind of cheeky, perfectly suited to the job. He got us all cheering and laughing. He asked of us that whenever we saw something we liked to make some noise and the same when we didn’t.  The only row that couldn’t stand was the front (apart from a standing ovation at the end of a dance) and they wanted as much cheering etc as possible.  We could happily oblige. Think we all got a bit hyper at this point!

We went back our seats and the celebs came in (it was Simon Webbe’s Daughter and ex partner) but we didn’t care, we still had good seats!

Tess and then Claudia came out pre show to warm us up. I have to say, they were really lovely. I have always liked Tess but I know she’s not everyone’s cuppa but she’s sweet, charming and calm, compared to Claudia who is cheeky, quirky and a bit bonkers but hugely loveable and funny. They did their little jokes and they seem to genuinely like each other and bounce off each other. Claudia was hilarious talking about how many pairs of knickers she had on (8) to wear the dress she was wearing and how she could barely walk. She talked about being nervous and how she had to practice. So they did. They were funny and sweet. They are definitely ultimate professionals, turning it on for the camera. But being really natural between takes and seem to genuinely liked each other.

I felt for poor Tess who always had to go rushing off and then rushing back after every dance. No wonder she looks so good!

Stu then entertained us a bit more and just before 7pm Len came out and sat on the stairs. He also seemed genuinely lovely.

Time ticked on and the countdown to the live show began. As it got closer I got nervous for the dancers. It really is live. We were delighted.

The whole show went in a real blur. From Sunetra and Brendan’s Rhumba, to Mark’s Salsa. We whooped and cheered and clapped like our lives depended on it and we loved it. The thrills, spills and sequins (and yes the female dancer bumped in to Jake not the other way around) we were like Yo’s Yo’s up and down in our seats.


Its amazing how quickly they change sets and how nervous the celebrities look. Mark looked practically sick waiting for his turn, bless him. They do it seamlessly. Its incredible. I loved the judges. I didn’t see many notes and I think they do just say what they feel/think (especially Bruno!!) and Len was a gentleman. I think Craig loves being the panto dame and being booed. Darcey is really beautiful and tiny, still with her lithe dancers figure.


So when the main show is over, we all get to stretch our legs and we get the chance to wee wee (much needed) we were given a Kit Kat and juice as we settled in for…….

Well …. that would be telling now wouldn’t it….. I’ll leave the story there and let the Strictly Magic continue…….. thank you Strictly  (& Bec) for an amazing experience 

Love Lady C





Chapter Thirty – Reach for the Stars



Morning Lovelies

Its been a couple of weeks or so since I last wrote my usual ramblings. Quite honestly its been a brilliant couple of weeks. So very very busy.

Right now I’m feeling very lucky. Its definitely been a challenging year, but every weekend is really good and I am starting to feel less guilty about being away from Daniel. I’ll never feel ‘good’ about it but its got a bit easier knowing he loves School and he’s happy.

The last two weeks have been mental. We had a brilliant time at Halloween. Then we had bonfire night.

We actually had bonfire night at Daniel’s school. It was fantastic! They did such a brilliant job and although Daniel was kind of terrified initially he eventually realised it was fun! We then had our lovely friends pop over for tea and cake afterwards.


Not a great picture but the fireworks were soooo good, such a small school and they really pulled out all the stops.


This was before he thought it was good! Initially he was not impressed but a bit of Daddy persuasion he liked it.


A couple of weeks ago- Daniel discovered Strictly Come Dancing. One of his friends from school loves it and he suddenly started asking me about it. I was DELIGHTED. I absolutely LOVE Strictly.

This week I was even more excited – my best friend WON TICKETS to the LIVE SHOW next weekend (29th) and then a few days later, we see Michael Buble in Birmingham. I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Anyway, Daniel now loves it (Strictly). Its actually way past his bedtime. Last weekend we sat in bed watching it together. (Dec was out) so we indulged in a bit of Mummy/ Daniel cuddles.  He loves guessing the judges scores and gets really excited when he gets it right! I figure he’s helping his maths too!  Above is him copying Judy Murray’s dance. (I think he’s much better!)


On the Sunday we went to one of his friends Bowling Party and it was so good, we had a big VIP area and the kids were brilliant. I made some new school mummy friends too. Which was really nice. I’m starting to make some good ones now.

Last Friday was a special day. An amazing lady at Daniel’s school decided to break a world record and raise money for kids charities.  She asked several local schools to bake specific cupcakes to help her bake her way into the Guinness World Record Books. #cakesforkids alongside Children in Need.


The brilliant organisers were looking for volunteers and I decided to go along and see what I could do. Honestly, they were like a well oiled machine and didn’t really need me but I was glad to even just be a small part of it but baking and then going along.


Here are the record breaking cupcakes! Just such an achievement and so impressive.  There should be some medals handed out to Dabinder and her team.  I was in awe. Hugely inspiring. Please please look & Donate.


To add to the busy Friday, we had a manic Saturday we had the usual Horse Riding and one of the mums mentioned there was a little group of Daniels friends who play football on a Saturday so we did a mad dash back from horse riding to go to football.


His football kit is so godamn cute. Literally adorable. Honestly, initially he did not want to go.  He was crying and saying he was scared. I almost made Dec turn back. But we didn’t. We got there and within 2 mins he basically loved it.  Some action shots below.


He loved the whole thing, especially the British Bull Dog game.


As if that wasn’t enough, we then decided to go and see Santa (sorry Father Christmas) Arrive at Frosts where we will be seeing him in 3 weeks!


Here he is! what an amazing one he is too. So now its the countdown to Christmas. 33 Days to be precise!


So this weekend the tree is up and the cake is baked now all I have to do is finish the christmas shopping and we can enjoy the countdown.

I have to say, this year is pretty special. Daniel being that bit older means he understands more and he’s excited about it all.

I can indulge in Christmas completely now I have a small person to celebrate with, get excited with and make family traditions with. I’m the luckiest Christmas Elf in the whole world.

Signing off now to bake more cakes,

Lots of love

Lady C



Chapter Twenty Nine – Dancing in the Moonlight /Thriller


Hello Beautiful People

Well I’ve just had the best half term week! Plus it was Halloween. So Perfect. I’ve been revelling in pure mummy heaven. I’ve had 5 full days (with weekends 9 days – and everyone counts) with my gorgeous little man.

The majority of the week I’m going to call ‘LOFT-GATE’ and I will expand on this later,  but we hired a skip on the first Saturday and then literally spent the whole week filling it. 8 years of living here and we don’t have a garage. So every bit of crap we had went in the loft. We really did have good intentions and I’m sure we thought we would keep everything but honestly, looking back we literally just put anything and everything up there. We skipped about 80% of the contents.


I was embarrassed about how many clothes I had. I ended up taking 20 black bags to charity. Plus another 5 of cushions and duvet covers and tablecloths. I actually uncovered 5 different sets of christmas decorations too (now all beautifully boxed and labeled). We made a pact to never do this again. I think I’ve been through the house now and chucked so much stuff. Goodness knows how much money we have wasted. I’m ashamed. I am committing now in writing that I won’t ever be that wasteful again. I promise.

We’ve had a full on week. Monday we went to Warwick Castle – which was fantastic. Bloody expensive but great. The castle itself is amazing, so beautifully restored and completely authentic. It was a good day weather wise so we managed to get to see most things. Daniel was a smidgen freaked by the underground museum section but generally we had a great time. We were all knackered though! The clocks going back did something to us so we felt a bit sluggish by 5.30pm.


Tuesday was seeing an old friend and her daughter and two new friends who are Daniel’s school friends mums. Daniel was beside himself to see Jack, Isobel and Lewis. He really loved running around with them like a loon for 2 hours. He was bright red and sweating but he did not want to leave! I got told off for bringing my own food (naughty cake woman) but it was so so lovely to share stories and laugh about things. They are such lovely people, I feel very lucky to have made some mummy school friends (more on that later)

Wednesday was again, loft inspired mainly – 4 hours in the morning, a brief interlude where I visited my gorgeous Sister in Law and nieces and then back to do another 2 hours.  We were only 1/2 way through!


However my sister in law inspired me by introducing me to Gingerbread Lattes’ YUM. One of the best christmasy drinks she’s found! I managed to find some and I think I am as addicted as she is!

Thursday was super fun, loft (3 hours) in the morning and then the afternoon was spent with my gorgeous yummy mummies. My amazing Kelly put on a brilliant party for the kids.


Here is me with all my little witches and trying to encourage Daniel to come in to the picture. As the only boy, he’s not keen AT ALL.


He was really shy and didn’t want to join in. He looked adorable in his little soldier costume.


I got a cuddle and a good selfie with my little man in the end.

So Friday was Halloween! I was always interested in Halloween but I’ve seen it grow massively in the last 5 years in the UK. I’d love to go to Boston and go to Salem and see what its like in an authentic US town. The American’s love Halloween and really celebrate it. Embrace it. This year Daniel wanted to go trick or treating.

Mainly I think because I invited his school friends. He has a lovely group of friends, some from lower school and some from preschool who we’ve kept in touch with. Josh and his lovely mum and sister Mia came and also Isobel and Lewis.  We are SO lucky to have made such great friends. Don’t they all look amazing!


I sort of went a bit mad on the house. We had 3 pumpkins and loads of lights (I love a light! especially of the fairy light variety).


Here is my Halloween inspired wreath (above)


This is the slightly blurry image of my outfit – I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I even had red shoes. I felt a slight idiot walking around the village with the dress blowing up. Which was super embarrassing. Especially when knocking on the doors of Daniel’s school friends!

So the loft – we had 3 people stop by our skip and take things out of it. A couple who pulled up in a van and took literally all the metal out and then anything else they could get their hands on.  Dec accidentally put out a T-Shirt (which I couldn’t throw away) and I saw it and took it back only to find me wrestling with the lady who literally tried to rip it out of my hands. She then pointed at her feet and bless her she had completely worn shoes and then asked me for shoes! ( bear in mind we’d given her 20 pieces of metal and 3 boxes of clothes). I did manage to find her some shoes but blimey, talk about pressure! We then had a gentleman rock up and ask if he could ‘go through’ the skip. We obviously said yes. What else could we say?! The upside was we thought we’d need another skip and we didn’t as they all took so much stuff!

So I find myself on 1st & 2nd November thinking about another new friend I made (through this blog) who shared (& posted) a really interesting idea called Happy November –


I absolutely love this idea. Hayley tagged me and said I should join in and I totally agree.

So 1st & 2nd November heralds my first day of #happynovemberproject

Have a lovely week and looking forward to writing to you all again next week- mwahh xx


Lady C






Chapter Twenty Eight – It’s a kind of magic..


Hello lovely people

I am sorry for those who don’t want to hear the C word until December, avert your eyes now. Cause I’m going in….

I LOVE Christmas. I mean adore it. Its a good job really as we’ve been talking about it at work since June and we opened our Christmas Shop in August. We are fully in Christmas Recruitment mode as well. We had our ‘Christmas Cascade’ on Thursday last week (where we share with the teams the christmas ‘must haves’ and our plans to keep the teams engaged over Christmas) and it was brilliant, we all wore christmas jumpers and just had a good time eating mince pies!

So Christmas is officially… wait for it…66 days until Christmas (as of today).

I’ve started my shopping already ( you won’t be surprised to hear this) and I’m already planned Christmas dinner and the rest of the 2 weeks events.  I have to work a little bit of this year but its OK, I’ve already said to my team its all about christmas jumpers and nice lunches.

We work so hard to deliver the people for Christmas, once they are in place, there is little more we can do until January.



But first comes Halloween. I’m so excited this year as I’m off! Its half term so the boy and I have lots of fun things planned with his friends and my friends. I’m excited that we may actually go trick or treating this year! He didn’t want to go last year. I think 3.5yrs old he was too scared. This year he’s totally up for it.


This year we are Dorothy and a Ninja. No doubt he will change his mind a hundred times between now and then but that’s half the fun!

I have a little basket but I need a TOTO! So I will be buying one of those this week, which is not my usual shopping purchases.

My sister in law is BRILLIANT with Halloween. She loves it so much. She’s been preparing since September. She really has got an amazing imagination and so creative. She has a little business which is just doing so well. Her best products are Santa letters and I think she is a genius. Here is her Facebook site. She’s so clever. I’m super proud of her <3

So Halloween is going to be exciting in our house this year and I hope Bonfire Night too. Now Daniel is at school he’s getting lots of invites to parties. I do then have the dilemma of what to buy these kids! Daniel isn’t that helpful so the poor things usually end up with something generic. My girls kids I’m completely comfortable they know what they want. I’ve already ordered it in fact, the ‘Frozen’ phenomenon will just not quit! ( I love it too) but its everywhere still.  Which actually makes thing easy as everyone is getting the same things!

So bring on Christmas and bring on Halloween and Bonfire night and Christmas Parties, tree decorating, wreath making, local Christmas Carnivals, dinner with Friends and fun fun fun. I’m ready, willing and able.


As far as I’m concerned, 31st October heralds the start of Christmas festivities.

You can all uncover your eyes now!

Have a brilliant week

Lots of love

Lady C