Bake Me – GBBO – Episode eight – Bread


Welcome to bread week! or advanced dough week. Whatever. Anywhoooo its dough in various forms.

Its the quarter final. *sob* which means its nearly all over. (I’m kind of gutted, I was just thinking I might have to write about Strictly Come Dancing instead when this is over!)

Anyway, so back to the Qtr final… wow.  Enriched dough. Eh? Whats that all about? I was thinking brioche? but they came up with a ‘free form’ (i.e. no tin) enriched dough of the sweet variety. Nancy starts the whole thing off with a bang but suggesting she’s going to use the microwave.

THE MICROWAVE?? Really? I mean honestly. I know it needs quick proving but that seems craziness. Its a risky strategy which Paul completely disapproves of…


Sue see’s it once out of the microwave and proudly announces to Nancy ‘ Its the size of a labrador!’ which made me spit out my tea with laugher. Brilliant. Paul Hollywood looks horrified and I am kind of with him.  Meanwhile Nancy still insists on calling him the “male judge” whilst skipping about waiting for the microwave to ‘ping’. I’m laughing (again). He even says to her, “its the male judge- am I allowed to watch” which shows he really does have a sense of humour.


Enriched dough is difficult to make, takes a billion years to prove, and can go wrong really easily, we learn. Why would you bother?

Its the Bake off and they like to ‘test’ the bakers. I’m just very glad I’m not there right now. Chetna makes a Povitica – which I have never heard of.


They get through the first challenge pretty much unscathed – and Mary is even OK with Nancy’s microwaving (Paul is NOT) and its on to the technical challenge.

Which is….. drumroll please…… a Povitica! NO WAY. So no pressure then Chetna! At least you had a good practice on the first one! Bless her.

The rest of the remaining contestants look something between jealous, frustrated and actual evil stares… even Luis is looking slightly rattled….

Nancy seems obsessed with the microwave. She’s at it again. Making the chocolate more spreadable so it doesn’t distort the dough.

The innuendo’s start in full swing.


Sue can’t help herself.


She’s in on the action. I’m laughing. Again.


She’s really loving this rolling a bit too much!

One by one the bakers were struck down and yet Chetna remained calm and composed. So she should! Raw dough is everywhere.  Chetna was clearly the winner.

The showstopper was next. Doughnuts. Wow. What a selection. This is where it got REALLY interesting. Chetna doesn’t like deep fat fryers. Nancy started making a grown up version and a kids version and I can honestly say that the child ones did look like Paul Hollywood.  Its brilliant.


Luis excels himself by making cocktail doughnuts.


Which honestly looked AMAZING.  Really tasty.


Mary made me laugh so much with this statement! She’s so funny.

Richard made the most amazing looking ones and they certainly went down really well. I wanted to reach in to the TV and eat one! Yum.

The man can really bake!


I loved this from the GBBO tweets. My friends son apparently has started wearing a pencil behind his ear in tribute! 🙂

So – I think slightly controversially, four time a star baker. I kind of thought Chetna was a more likely contender as she was more consistent this episode.

However he is in my top 4 so I’m OK with it.

I’m very sad to say that Martha was the leaver this week. I really like her. I’m disappointed she’s gone.


She will go far bless her. I wish her luck.

Next week – the Semi Finals and Patisserie….hold on to your french cakes…

Night x

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