Bake Me – GBBO – Episode Five – Pies & Puds

Well Hellooooo the next episode… I was excited to see what this one would bring..


I’m never disappointed.  Honestly, its always choc filled with puns and innuendo’s and this week was no exception. After last weeks drama, the first thing I will say is they did not make a meal (no pun intended) of Diana leaving.   They mentioned it in passing and they showed a few ‘Diana was lovely’ videos but it kind of glossed over it.

Meh. I was kind of OK about it.  I think after last week it was nice to have the focus back on the baking!

So pies & puds…with nine million viewers…how exciting.  I don’t know it was because of the week before or just general love for GBBO but it even beat the football viewing figures.

Whatever the reason – I don’t care.  I’m just excited baking is fashionable again.

So custard tarts. I’m not a big fan.. my husband is. I’ve not made them yet as I really don’t like custard, I can also now see why. They are VERY complicated!

Norman is making a ‘Tarte oh Citroooon’ as he describes it.  I’m cringing already.  Bless him, but NO! its not big or clever.

Martha is looking at an apricot and pistachio pastry tart… errrmmmm.. OK so where is the custard? Not sure on that combo either.

I’m loving the look of Kate’s Rhubarb and custard tart. Yum. I love rhubarb and custard.  I do actually think I could eat her pie right now.

Luis is making a manchester inspired tart.  So my husband is from manchester to I’m allowed to say this (* clear my throat in defiance) the only thing Manchester is famous for is Rain, David Beckham and Great Shopping (Selfridges). Not sure where Luis is getting the ‘tropical’ from. I mean tropical levels of rain – yes.

But Tropical …. ermmmmm no…. OK well lets see.


So blind baking is occurring (for those who don’t know – my husband again- he’s busy tonight) blind baking is the process of pre baking your pastry with something inside to keep it firm and stop ‘leaks’ when you put the filling in.  A good blind bake stops the infamous ‘Soggy Bottom’ . I’ve never used cling film though…. err… I think someone needs to have a word with Luis. I’m worried.

Surely thats not right? eh? he’s putting it IN THE OVEN? crikey. I’m shocked.

Tidy pastry – is the key to a good pie – according to Luis. Can we just pause a moment to say that Norman’s is…. lets just say… less than perfect.  I really really think he’s done his time. Its almost painful now.

Custard is in (where there is custard) and now its all about the judging. Poor Martha is upset! Nooooooo thats so mean. She’s only 17. Please hug her. Poor lamb.


Next up,  Paul’s technical challenge, mini pear pies. Everyone seems perplexed, apart from Norman, who thinks its ‘simple’.

Famous last words Norman, famous last words….

Rough puff pastry – OK.  SO its not easy.  I think pastry is quite hard generally.  I do love a cheats pastry (jus rol is fab) and I’ve knocked up some quick apple pies recently (with our own apples) but its quite interesting to make from scratch.  Love the bakers just get on with it!  Lard.  Yuck.  But I know its needed.

Paul (in his tent eating his pears) looks very happy and so does Mary.  The poor bakers are all looking perplexed again.  There’s a mad rush in the last bit of time for everyone to dress their pears. At this point i got distracted by twitter so didn’t really focus on the scores but I did see Martha come in first! Bless her.



On to the Show Stopper! a 3 tiered pie. Who comes up with these things? honestly though, I do feel they (the bakers) are being a bit well… boring.

Norman and his three meals in one & Chetna with her Indian inspired pies. Martha’s looked, well…. not great and one gets burnt! not ideal. Norman starts quoting Robbie Burns “I know you’re very smelly but you’ll soon be in my belly” which slightly disturbs me. In fact, disturbs me a lot.


Norman decides tonight is the night that he’s going to push the boat out and get ‘creative’ by putting lavender in his meringue on the top pie.  Lavender?? really?  Its such a strong flavour.  He’s been so risk averse for so long and now he suddenly starts being clever. Not a good idea. Please stop now.

Kate’s pies seem to go down well. Mary gets to Norman’s “I’ve never had lavender in a meringue before”, says Mary, “and I don’t want it again”. Poor Norman

Kate wins star baker. Bless her. She’s a good un, I like her. (she is in my top 4 – see week one)



And…… de de de de durrrrr… its Norman to leave the building. Well Tent.

He’s says, like the gentleman he is – “I’m lucky to have made it this far”, says Norman. Well, that’s definitely true. Bless him.  I’m sad to see another week pass but also kind of pleased, Norman has done well to get that far.

Next week – European cakes….














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