Bake Me – GBBO – Episode Nine – Patisserie


Well, here we are. The semi final. I’m excited and yet sad.  How can 9 weeks of my life have disappeared?

Multi layered cakes, baklava, German schichttortes, and, for their showstopper “two elegant entremets” – crikey. What a lot of technical stuff.

Its tough.  Luis agrees. I’m nervous for them. I’m nervous myself!

Baklava. Reminds me of christmas. Don’t know why as its not stollen or anything but it feels… christmasy? I know, off topic but hey ho!


Mary & Paul want the bakers to concentrate. I just want them to start innuendos. I’m missing them and we are 10 minutes in already?! have we finally got serious?

Oh hang on. Mary has not let me down. She’s said to Luis ‘ get pulling’


She’s brilliant. Hilarious. I love her. I also love Richard. I want him to win now.  Sorry Nancy I know that you were in my final 4 prediction but I think Richard is the one.


The baklava is taking shaping for everyone and to be honest, they all look a bit stressed.  Luis does a sneaky extra ‘icing’ and WE ALL SAW HIM. Naughty boy.

The Telegraph blog says “It’s judging time! Nancy’s “texture is there”, and Paul says that, overall, she’s “got what baklava is”. Luis’s baklava cups are all flower-y and lovely-looking, but sadly Paul isn’t convinced. “That is bone dry,” he says. Richard’s rose and pisachio baklavas go down well with Mary, who likes her nuts “in nice big pieces”. But his second lot are slightly underbaked, despite the excellent flavours. And Chetna’s pastry layers are too thick, although her chocolate filo apparently tastes delicious”


I’m still not convinced that Nancy is happy with hers and mentions that she feels like she is ‘presenting bread rolls’ rather than baklava.  I’m confused. Anyway, moving on.   The technical challenge is next.  I needed to google this,  a 20-layered grilled schichttorte.   It is a German 20-layer cake is cooked under the grill. WHAT??  Under the grill?  Really?

I’m a little bit uncomfortable. Its 20 layers. I can already see Paul getting a ruler and counting.

I’m back to the telegraph blog – as I’ve lost the plot and as I was looking at facebook and I kept getting distracted.


Telegraph Blog – Times up! And the schichttortes are being judged. Nancy’s has “a lovely shine” – but she only has 18 of the requisite 20 layers. (Yes, Paul is individually counting each layer.) Luis’s goes down well: his has 20 layers, and good flavour. Chetna’s is lopsided, overbaked, and only has 17 layers. And Richard has 20 layers with good flavour, although they are very thin. Chetna comes fourth, Nancy third, Richard second, and Luis first. Luis says thank you, giggles, and swings his legs upwards. Like a happy toddler.

I can’t believe it. HE COUNTED THE LAYERS! I laughed a lot. I love that I’m so attunted to Paul Hollywoods foibles!


How funny.  I really did think he was that anal (in a good way!!) and I was right! I guess its the Semi Final.

The Showstopper – well this is it folks, the semi final. So they want – 2 Entremet – again I had to google.  The bakers have to make two different types of entremet. “We’re looking for precision, beauty and elegance,” says Paul. Mary – who clearly embodies all three of those qualities- looks smug


Wikipedia says -For modern pastry chefs, an entremet is a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.

To me – they look YUM YUM YUM.


I really want to eat one. Well all of them actually. The only ones I didn’t like the look of was Chetna’s (sorry).  I think Richard and Luis’s looked the best.  (two above)

By4zyBgCEAAiluYThese are Nancy’s (above).

Judging time. Richard’s first lot of entremets are “delicious” and “extremely good”. His second batch are praised for their colour, but are just a little lacking in flavour. Nancy’s Raspberry Nonnettes look “stunning” when cut into, and taste “refreshing” when bitten into. But Paul thinks her overall appearance lets her down. Luis’s aliens are “delicious”, and his cherry and chocolate creations are “very very good”. And Chetna’s chocolate orange entremets have “a kick” (in a good way) and “tonnes and tonnes of flavour”. So no one has done too badly.


Its decision time. I’m on the edge of my seat. Who will get through?


Here they all are. Looking nervous.

Star Baker first. Its Richard again! 5 times??!! I think it really needs to be him winning then?!!


And who goes…..

Its Chetna. Awww bless her. She was very good. But I’m really pleased about the three finalists. My husband was delighted Luis from Stockport has go through (he’s from stockport).

So we have the final 3! I cannot wait until next week!




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