Bake Me – GBBO – Episode three – Bread Week

Bread Week People…bread week..



I love bread.  Eating the most but kind of like the baking.  Its such a chemistry to get it right.  I also don’t have an airing cupboard to proving it is always challenging.   I am excited about this week….

I’m not GREAT at bread, its not something I’ve done much baking of but I LOVE eating it! Also its Mr Hollywood’s specialism. So even more interesting…. he’s such a …. genius!

I went to see him on his roadshow and his was brilliant. Funny, witty and a little bit cheeky. I can absolutely see why he’s called a silver fox. Anyway, moving on.

So Bread. Well Rolls to be precise. Rye ones at that. Its a funny taste Rye. I had a pastrami on rye sandwich in New York (cause thats where you should have one) and I kind of didn’t like it… Im probably more of a white bread girl to be honest… anyhooooo… so the brief is identical and cooked to perfection.

Martha looked terrified and Paul’s comment on her egg wash didn’t help.  She started to sweat the minute he came over.  He didn’t even really HINT at why an egg wash was a bad idea… just sort of smiled a knowing smile and walked off.    Norman played it safe – I think there is a theme here.   Nancy (one of my top 4) was a bit braver – favouring some pear cider and walnuts.   She has nuts that lady.  In more ways than one.

Diana – bless her, was thinking style over substance but kind of didn’t manage either.  Its her lack of confidence in herself that worries me.  She’s very meek.

Louis kind of surprised me with a mix and match stylee.  All around I think there was a bit of disappointment in the tent.



Next came the technical challenge.   Ciabatta.  Hmmmm, kind of a nemesis for me, I’ve never gotten it quite right.   Too tough or not tough enough, anyway, its hard.   Not just one. Four. I mean who needs four?  aren’t they just being mean?

The technical challenge pretty much terrifies me.  No real instructions.  You are relying on your past baking knowledge and a great memory to deliver something that NEEDS A RECIPE!  I can honestly say anytime I’ve not followed one, I’ve come a cropper.

I think patience is a virtue with bread and particularly ciabatta.   Kate managed to sweat it out and leave it to the last minute to put hers in the oven and this paid dividends as she managed to come first.   She looked a bit shocked but deep down you could tell she was thinking ‘patience is a virtue’  which is honestly NOT one of my motto’s!

So onto the signature dish.  What on earth would they do now?  Filled loaves.  Perfect on the inside and outside.  Now me, I’d be wanting to do something sweet.

Jordan agreed and went for the sweet brioche (something I have just about made and it was half OK).   Norman went for chicken with…. wait for it…… PESTO….. wow.  This was ‘exotic’ for him.   You shock me.  De de deeeerrrrrrr ( I feel the need to add some kind of sound effect to Norman to spice things up!)

Tear and share versions were popular, Diana, Martha (who’s was a gorgeous pin wheel creation – I love her) and Richard (with the pencil behind his ears).

Chetna threw everything she could in to hers, so did Nancy who went for a ‘full english’ effect.  Hmmmm wasn’t sure about either of those.

The judges judged and we had our FIRST SOGGY BOTTOM reference!  Yippeeeeee.   Surprisingly Louis got star baker.  Well his bake was good, but he’s not a long term winner for me…. but lets see, I’ve been wrong before ( I was CONVINCED that Ruby would win last year).


So who was the one to go.   drum roll…. Jordan.  He of funny teeth and slightly quirky personality…. also not the best baker in the tent.  It was his time.  He took the Mel and Sue sandwich well and no real tears were shed (its not got to that stage yet).   Goodbye Jordan.   Thanks for the efforts!




Next week – Desserts.   My favourite words…..




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