Bake Me – GBBO – Episode two


Biscuits, who knew could be so controversial?

Welcome to week two of the bake off.  I was at a disadvantage immediately as I missed the first twenty minutes and have just managed to watch it – so I feel a bit back to front!  However, it did not stop my enjoyment.

The innuendo’s are there, but this week there was ‘scary mary’.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore Mary B, she’s an icon.  An institution. A literal cake queen. She’s also – it seems – quite a toughie! I always think Paul Hollywood is the ‘critique’ but honestly I think Mary could slay him with one of her withered looks….. even I’m scared.

One the bakers didn’t make everything from ‘scratch’ and you could see steam coming out of her ears.  It was hilarious! I just could see she was itching to say something.  She did. It was genius. She’s genius.


I mean, look at this face!  She’s NOT happy.  But that’s for later. First we have savoury biscuits. Richard has obligatory pencil behind his ear builder stylee but somehow its reassuring? like he knows what he’s doing and he can also knock up a stud wall.

Diane mentions she won’t be the first to have a ‘soggy bottom’ and I laugh out loud at the first mention of it.  Brilliant.  I would say there is a mixed response to the savoury biscuits. Some risk some interesting flavour combos and some work (richard) and some don’t (Iain).

Next up –  Florentines.  I’ve tried to make these.  Ermmm, it wasn’t easy.  They are easily burnt and tricksy to decorate.  Also I don’t like them that much.  It seems Norman isn’t keen either.

I thought Martha handled the florentines well, she seems to have nailed the pattern after seeing it once on a mary berry show.  Impressive.  She’s good, I like her down to earth style. Although her florentines are deemed ‘a bit small’.




Richard’s biscuits win after being told they are the ‘proper size’ – must be that pencil behind his ear.  He’s good at measuring.

Showstoppers are up next.  3D biscuit creations. Really??? I mean who thinks up this stuff? I would not know where to start! I feel intimidated just watching it.  I’d need to practice for weeks to get even a half baked (no pun intended) attempt at this.

These guys are SERIOUS! Its impressive.

This is where ‘ icing gate’ – as mentioned by the GBBO Blog:

“Diana’s train goes down well, although Paul and Mary think it could have been “neater.” Richard’s pirate scene is “absolutely fantastic.” Jordan’s monster has eaten his plane, but his biscuits are delicious. Chetna’s Day on the Beach scene has “spectacular” design. Nancy’s is “scrumptious.” Kate’s is “very pretty.” But Mary’s face when Enwezor admits he didn’t make his own fondant is very, very unimpressed. Oh dear, Enwezor”

So no surprised, Enwezor leaves this week, with a Mel and Sue sandwich and a wry smile from Mrs Berry.

Next week is bread week.





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