Bake Me – GBBO – THE FINAL (#GBBOfinal)

Here we go, the last episode…


Stiff competition … Richard Burr, Nancy Birtwhistle and Luis Troyano, the three Great British Bake O

Here’s our final 3. Richard (the builder), Luis (the one from stockport who my hubbie likes mainly because that’s where he is from) and Nancy (the funny one).

What an interesting final this was going to be!

So here we go…. starting with the signature bake – Viennoiserie, or pastries to the layman – pain au chocolat, croissants that kind of thing.

I have to say, Luis sounded amazing (pain au white chocolate) Nancy played safe with a croissant option and Richard – Pain au Lait. To be honest, they all look fantastic to me. To be fair, they all started to look a little bit freaked out. They all rushed around looking stressed. Well to be honest, Nancy looked quite calm actually.

I think 5 times star baker may have finally freaked Richard out!


However, she didn’t actually bake hers properly, so that didn’t go well! Neither Richard or Luis’s were good enough for a bake off final and they all went in to the technical challenge looking a bit deflated.

Technical challenge next. Produce 12 mini Tarte au Citrons, Victoria Sandwiches and scones – a technical to tip the scales. Though each item was a ‘classic’ there was a lot to do in the allotted two hours. Jam to make, cake to bake AND pastry, Paul was being demanding. I am actually going to say, some of these were disasters. No one got all 3 right. Nancy made the least awful set of 3. She actually made a good Tarte Au Citron. Its funny actually as she sort of reminds me of Mary a little bit. I can imagine her knocking up scones and vic sponges every day with her grandkids. I can see Luis sweating. A lot. Richard also really lost his cult status as Star Baker.

Richard was third, Luis second and Nancy scraped first. I was a bit disappointed. I feel like the pressure has really got on top of them all.


I’m really holding out of a great Showstopper. I have to say, I’m NOT disappointed.

Piece Montee: cake, petits four, choux and sugar work, crikey. It really was a big old ask. I hadn’t heard of it but everyone seemed to be making some kind of windmill or tower type of structure. The whole thing just sounded super complicated.


So Nancy’s was Moulin Rouge inspired, Luis was inspired by his home town Poynton and Richard’s was also his home town of Mill Hill. I have to say, these are impressive.  So many different elements and many complicated sections from Choux, to sugar work to macaroons. I feel like I could never do this! its very very detailed and really technical.

The judges were quite impressed with all the bakers. They showed a clip of them all talking afterwards and Mary & Paul saying ‘for once we agree and we know we we want to win’ – I’m excited. I suddenly know who I want to win!


Here they are taking them out to the waiting crowd after the judging.



I’m really happy! I really liked Nancy and I had her pinned as one of my top 4 so kind of pleased with myself. She was so so sweet when she won and was her usual funny self-deprecatory self.


She was lovely!


I had a bit of a cry to be honest.

The funny funny bit was when she was asked about calling Paul ‘The Male Judge” and she gave the best answer.


I laughed a lot. Love her. What a sweet lady.

So its all over for another year. I’m quite sad as its such good old fashioned TV with not really MUCH controversy and really the best of intentions to entertain and teach us all to be better bakers. I love it. I really really really want to be on it!

So the million dollar question for me… shall I apply?


Watch this space …… xx

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