Chapter Eighteen – Step back in time



Yep, week 3 has been… interesting!  Friday in London was OK and the week eventually came good, my boss is back from holiday which makes a difference as she’s nice (& sensible) so its nice to have her guidance back.

Firstly, Happy Birthday to one of my friends – I think she still reads my blog so wanted to shout out to her! Happy Birthday Tor! Hope you had a great day.



I decided on Friday that I needed shoes.  I also realised I only had about £30 left in my account … so nail varnish (the new Louboutin one) would have to do instead!… so I went on the hunt.  I found the amazing installation that is near our shoe concession and got over excited and bought one.   It looks like a lethal weapon to be honest.  I couldn’t fly with it! But its gorgeous.  The red on the bottom of the shoe colour and good quality, like gel but not.  I love it.


Last Saturday was another riding lesson for the kid.  He LOVES it. Its only his second one but I can see he’s hooked already! I couldn’t take him so Daddy did and he is just obsessed.  His horse was called Huxley Pig and he spent the whole rest of the day telling me how great he was and how he could ride him really well! He’s nothing if not confident!



So last week was one of thinking about things differently.  I liked that I had a few chances to change things and think again. I started to reflect in a rose tinted way about the past and what I’ve learned about myself over the last 12 months.   I’ve learnt this phrase kind of says it all! I can see things changing and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Watch this space….



Have a great week lovelies and more to come next week…

Lady C




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  1. Tor says:

    Thank you!! And I do read your blog each week. Can’t wait to hear more about Dan Dan’s riding lessons. And that nail varnish is surely a weapon xx

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