Chapter Nineteen – Love to love….(shopping)


This week was one filled with a lack of self control. Honestly. I’m a bit ashamed.

OK so confession time, this week alone – at the last count – I’ve bought…. two pairs of shoes, a Victoria by Victoria Beckham Dress and some Primark bits and bobs – plus stuff from the Next Directory for the house.

Houston, I have a problem.

I went for a dinner with a dear friend Chara this week and we ended up back in store and I managed to persuade her to buy a pair of charlotte olympia shoes whilst I went mad in KG.  I can’t seem to stop myself.  I went to Manchester also this week and purposefully did not go on to the shop floor cause I KNEW I would buy something!  I definitely think its directly connected to how I’m feeling.

There is a definitely a ‘high’ you get from shopping that cannot really be repeated…. (ok maybe one other thing can do it!) but generally it’s such an amazing feeling buying something new. Whether its to wear or to put in my house or on Daniel (more on that in a bit) it doesn’t matter.

Today we bought some riding stuff for him as he’s really getting in to it! ( I got a high from that shop too!)

IMG_1967 IMG_1968

He just grins & talks all the way around – he got told off for whistling today bless him! The lady in the shop was so good and he was brilliant – just super excited about getting proper horsey stuff! I cannot wait until he’s off the lead rein and then we can maybe go for hacks together. Super exciting.  I fear I may only have him for a couple of years on this and then he’ll discover football or rugby like my brother or hubby but whilst I have him, I’m going to milk it!

IMG_1918 IMG_1966

Anyway, on to my next obsession…. Breaking Bad.

The hubby and I are watching one episode a night at the moment and we are hooked.  I never thought I would be addicted to a programme about a meth cooking chemistry teacher!  Its all a bit crazy but I guess I did watch (and love) The Wire.  BB is immense.  I can’t tell you how much is intrigues me.  Its very well acted and its an incredible plot.   Its dark. Its getting darker.  We are on Season 4 and I just can’t guess what’s going to happen next.  Its brilliant.


On that note, I’m off to bed to watch another one or two!

Night lovelies,

Lady C


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