Chapter Thirty-Five – Shake it off


Evening my lovelies

Well its been a couple of weeks since I’ve written anything. Its been such a very busy couple of weeks. Going back to work and finding my feet again in the new year was quite hard.  I discovered something called Social Jetlag. Which kind of explained it all!

This totally describes how I have been feeling lately. I feel exhausted and a bit overwhelmed at the moment! Don’t get me wrong, I think 2015 is going to be fantastic, but sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees.

So I’m going to rebalance by organising some holidays. This always makes me feel better. I think on 2nd January I was booking my holidays for 2015! (my poor boss). I tend to count down the days to half terms and school holidays.

This half term I’ve already booked loads of exciting things. I have made some lovely friends at school (which I’m so happy about as I was so nervous about that as you know). Some really lovely people who have so many of the same insecurities as me and the same challenges.

I’ve regressed to a grumpy teenager the last two weeks. I’ve been a bit stroppy and I’m ashamed of myself. Everyone wants a piece of me and I find by Friday, I don’t have anything left to give! But then I wake up on Saturday and my boy crawls into our bed and says ‘mummy is it saturday’ and all is right with the world again.


I love this. There is a section in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) that talks about ‘reframing’ and how you can change your mood or your mind by thinking of things differently. This isn’t easy. You need to practise and focus. (you need to know the technique too) but put simply – its about thinking differently. Or thinking about a situation or a feeling differently. Its a conscious choice to ‘rethink’ about something in a positive light. I don’t always achieve this.

Lets face it, its January, its cold, its perpetually dark, christmas is over, we are all skint. Its DEPRESSING! social jet lag is one excuse but January Blues is the other. I usually find January quite painful. I love Christmas so much and January is such an anti-climax. Last year I’d started a new job, which took a bit of the pain away. I love my job, my team, my role but even that can’t get me out of my funk.



The only thing that is good about January, is the potential for SNOW which is SUPER exciting. We had some smatterings but nothing big has landed, but I’m crossing my fingers (and everything else) for snow.

So, tomorrow night I’ve been invited around to one of the gorgeous mum’s from school for wine & a chat. I can’t wait.

OK, so time for me to log off and get myself organised for my lovely Saturday ahead.

Night lovelies, sleep well

Lady C





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