Chapter Thirty One – Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…


Hello Gorgeous People

Well, its 4 days to Christmas and there is a level of excitement in this house that I’ve not experienced before. Its completely my fault of course. I started this extravaganza on 23rd November when I put the tree up. Yes the 23rd November.  Christmas begins in this house (in my head) as soon as it turns autumn. I love Halloween onwards and our village Christmas Carnival is the ‘start’ of christmas. All my friends come over, the trees are up, the house is decorated to within an inch of its life, the mulled wine is on and mince pies are out (amongst other things).


When I say trees its not a typo. I have a minimum of 2 tree’s. ‘My tree’ and ‘Daniel’s Tree’. I know. Its a mad as it sounds, but I LOVE decorating my tree and I like it to be perfect. Which I know sounds bonkers but I love christmas so much and I love my house and tree to reflect my love! So Daniel has his own tree that he can decorate and do whatever he wants to it. He has chosen Blue and Green as his theme this year.

IMG_4107 This is Daniel starting to help me with my tree.  Below is it completed.


Below is Daniel’s tree.



Then some other parts of the house!





I love my house at Christmas! I go all out. I love having fairy lights everywhere, twinkling and making everything look beautiful. I love the smells, gingerbread, cinnamon and mulled wine. I enjoy baking all the festive food, I like to put a bit of love in everything and make it special for my loved ones. Most of all I like the traditions. The mince pie and carrot out on christmas eve ready for Father Christmas. I love writing the letter to Father Christmas and then the subsequent letter arriving! (thank you Nikki!!x) carol singing on Christmas Eve and having our best friends over on Christmas Day night. The Boxing Day buffet and Bread sauce on Christmas Day with Turkey.

IMG_4445 IMG_4407IMG_4114

This year, its extra special because Daniel is that little bit older and he understands more. He’s been learning about it at school and I have to say, he’s been so lucky to have been to such a brilliant school where they seem to embrace both the religious and non religious aspects of Christmas. Daniel has had the full rounded version. The Friends, Family and presents bit coupled with the traditional nativity story.  Speaking of Nativity, I was overwhelmed this year to attend Daniel’s Nativity and Christingle service, both of which were wonderful.  I’m so lucky one of the lovely mum’s took the middle picture for me as we were the other side of the church!




Daniel was exceptional in his school nativity (I know I am biased!) we actually were so proud as he seemed to have quite a key part! We had no idea and were so surprised when we arrived to see it! He was brilliant and I will bore my family with the DVD at Christmas!

So this last week has been a crazy round of Christmas Parties and events and subsequently I’m still in bed watching ‘Snow Buddies’ with Daniel whilst writing this blog post!

IMG_0511IMG_4276IMG_0500We had a Bake Off at Work, Secret Santa and then I used our Elfridges to buy presents, so all in all, work was a super busy place last week (including our HR Christmas Party which was fab fun!)

We had some sad times these last two weeks too.  It was the anniversary of my Father in Laws passing on 14th Dec. 2 years on. The only good part was spending time with my niece, nephew and Sister in Law! They cooked a fantastic meal and the kids had a brilliant time playing together.




So last night we did the final thing (apart from our christmas eve traditions) to see Father Christmas at Frosts and confirm the Red Bike that Daniel really wants for Christmas!  Daniel was a bit overwhelmed by it all, he really believes so he was super excited to ask for the bike from the Big Man himself!

So now its all present wrapping and getting the kids together for fun before I get up at 6am to pick up the turkey on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure I can sleep! See you on the other side beautiful people.


Lots of love

Lady C xxx


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