Chapter Thirty – Reach for the Stars



Morning Lovelies

Its been a couple of weeks or so since I last wrote my usual ramblings. Quite honestly its been a brilliant couple of weeks. So very very busy.

Right now I’m feeling very lucky. Its definitely been a challenging year, but every weekend is really good and I am starting to feel less guilty about being away from Daniel. I’ll never feel ‘good’ about it but its got a bit easier knowing he loves School and he’s happy.

The last two weeks have been mental. We had a brilliant time at Halloween. Then we had bonfire night.

We actually had bonfire night at Daniel’s school. It was fantastic! They did such a brilliant job and although Daniel was kind of terrified initially he eventually realised it was fun! We then had our lovely friends pop over for tea and cake afterwards.


Not a great picture but the fireworks were soooo good, such a small school and they really pulled out all the stops.


This was before he thought it was good! Initially he was not impressed but a bit of Daddy persuasion he liked it.


A couple of weeks ago- Daniel discovered Strictly Come Dancing. One of his friends from school loves it and he suddenly started asking me about it. I was DELIGHTED. I absolutely LOVE Strictly.

This week I was even more excited – my best friend WON TICKETS to the LIVE SHOW next weekend (29th) and then a few days later, we see Michael Buble in Birmingham. I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Anyway, Daniel now loves it (Strictly). Its actually way past his bedtime. Last weekend we sat in bed watching it together. (Dec was out) so we indulged in a bit of Mummy/ Daniel cuddles.  He loves guessing the judges scores and gets really excited when he gets it right! I figure he’s helping his maths too!  Above is him copying Judy Murray’s dance. (I think he’s much better!)


On the Sunday we went to one of his friends Bowling Party and it was so good, we had a big VIP area and the kids were brilliant. I made some new school mummy friends too. Which was really nice. I’m starting to make some good ones now.

Last Friday was a special day. An amazing lady at Daniel’s school decided to break a world record and raise money for kids charities.  She asked several local schools to bake specific cupcakes to help her bake her way into the Guinness World Record Books. #cakesforkids alongside Children in Need.


The brilliant organisers were looking for volunteers and I decided to go along and see what I could do. Honestly, they were like a well oiled machine and didn’t really need me but I was glad to even just be a small part of it but baking and then going along.


Here are the record breaking cupcakes! Just such an achievement and so impressive.  There should be some medals handed out to Dabinder and her team.  I was in awe. Hugely inspiring. Please please look & Donate.


To add to the busy Friday, we had a manic Saturday we had the usual Horse Riding and one of the mums mentioned there was a little group of Daniels friends who play football on a Saturday so we did a mad dash back from horse riding to go to football.


His football kit is so godamn cute. Literally adorable. Honestly, initially he did not want to go.  He was crying and saying he was scared. I almost made Dec turn back. But we didn’t. We got there and within 2 mins he basically loved it.  Some action shots below.


He loved the whole thing, especially the British Bull Dog game.


As if that wasn’t enough, we then decided to go and see Santa (sorry Father Christmas) Arrive at Frosts where we will be seeing him in 3 weeks!


Here he is! what an amazing one he is too. So now its the countdown to Christmas. 33 Days to be precise!


So this weekend the tree is up and the cake is baked now all I have to do is finish the christmas shopping and we can enjoy the countdown.

I have to say, this year is pretty special. Daniel being that bit older means he understands more and he’s excited about it all.

I can indulge in Christmas completely now I have a small person to celebrate with, get excited with and make family traditions with. I’m the luckiest Christmas Elf in the whole world.

Signing off now to bake more cakes,

Lots of love

Lady C



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