Chapter Thirty Three – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

IMG_4396Evening lovelies

Its Boxing Day and I feel compelled to write a quick little note to you all. I hope you all had a good Christmas!


This is the present that made Daniel look like this


He was over the moon with his bike! I think its probably the best present we’ve ever got him. He literally looked like the happiest little boy on the planet!

We did the whole routine on Christmas Eve. We went Carol Singing and then came back and did our little rituals.  We opened our Christmas Eve boxes, we lay out the mince pie, Clementine and Milk for Santa and the carrot for Rudolph. We then went about sprinkling reindeer food on the decking for the reindeers.






Daniel and I loved doing this! Its one of my favourite traditions. We put the ‘key’ on our back door on the back door too.

He was really good and went to bed reasonably quickly and fell asleep ( I think visiting Santa at Frosts was probably helpful as they told the kids to be in bed and asleep). It was a little bit of a late night really as we usually have Daniel in bed at 7pm but this special christmas eve night we had a bit of later one.

Dec and I then went around wrapping the last presents and getting everything ready.  I then had to paint my nails (essential) so I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would have liked!


Christmas Day dawned a crisp and sunny day and our little man woke up at 5am! We managed to get him back in to bed with us and we got him to 8.20am. Which for me was a Christmas miracle on its own. We got up and he opened his stocking in his room (which bless him he had seen at 5am when he first woke up). He LOVED everything in it but was desperate to get downstairs and see if Santa has delivered his beloved Red Bike.


Thank goodness…. he had! Yippeeeee. Think Daniels face says it all!


He then saw the snow footprints from Santa… this was the brilliant look on his face.


We then got excited opening all the other presents he had. He is so lucky, he had loads of lovely things from lovely lovely people!


We had a quick look at the dinner timings and I started prepping the table and we started thinking about getting our christmas music on.  I got dressed in my Christmas finery and got my mother in law to take a picture of me and my hubbie! (me in my Christmas Day dress)


Then we went about the business of giving our guests drinks (our best friends Bec and John). We had our first glass of prosecco and some christmas cheers.


So after a couple of hours… the main event… our Christmas Dinner!


IMG_5023 IMG_5044

We then did a few more glasses of wine and a few more pictures….


Me and My Bestest friend in the whole wide world!


Her and her husband John.


The obligatory ‘SELFIE!’

Then we decided to test out Daniel’s bike and go for a refreshing walk in the woods.  I’ve never done this before and I loved it!


We then had a little pause before the next round of visitors – our other friends Neil and Victoria.


We went for our cheese and cracker course. I was SO full. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how much food I consumed yesterday!  I wanted to explode (and I couldn’t sleep as a consequence!)

We finally went to bed, Happy, Full and filled with festive spirit.  Ready for Family gathering part two…. Boxing Day.

All we need now is snow….. (wishing right now!)

Love Lady C x


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