Chapter Twenty Eight – It’s a kind of magic..


Hello lovely people

I am sorry for those who don’t want to hear the C word until December, avert your eyes now. Cause I’m going in….

I LOVE Christmas. I mean adore it. Its a good job really as we’ve been talking about it at work since June and we opened our Christmas Shop in August. We are fully in Christmas Recruitment mode as well. We had our ‘Christmas Cascade’ on Thursday last week (where we share with the teams the christmas ‘must haves’ and our plans to keep the teams engaged over Christmas) and it was brilliant, we all wore christmas jumpers and just had a good time eating mince pies!

So Christmas is officially… wait for it…66 days until Christmas (as of today).

I’ve started my shopping already ( you won’t be surprised to hear this) and I’m already planned Christmas dinner and the rest of the 2 weeks events.  I have to work a little bit of this year but its OK, I’ve already said to my team its all about christmas jumpers and nice lunches.

We work so hard to deliver the people for Christmas, once they are in place, there is little more we can do until January.



But first comes Halloween. I’m so excited this year as I’m off! Its half term so the boy and I have lots of fun things planned with his friends and my friends. I’m excited that we may actually go trick or treating this year! He didn’t want to go last year. I think 3.5yrs old he was too scared. This year he’s totally up for it.


This year we are Dorothy and a Ninja. No doubt he will change his mind a hundred times between now and then but that’s half the fun!

I have a little basket but I need a TOTO! So I will be buying one of those this week, which is not my usual shopping purchases.

My sister in law is BRILLIANT with Halloween. She loves it so much. She’s been preparing since September. She really has got an amazing imagination and so creative. She has a little business which is just doing so well. Her best products are Santa letters and I think she is a genius. Here is her Facebook site. She’s so clever. I’m super proud of her <3

So Halloween is going to be exciting in our house this year and I hope Bonfire Night too. Now Daniel is at school he’s getting lots of invites to parties. I do then have the dilemma of what to buy these kids! Daniel isn’t that helpful so the poor things usually end up with something generic. My girls kids I’m completely comfortable they know what they want. I’ve already ordered it in fact, the ‘Frozen’ phenomenon will just not quit! ( I love it too) but its everywhere still.  Which actually makes thing easy as everyone is getting the same things!

So bring on Christmas and bring on Halloween and Bonfire night and Christmas Parties, tree decorating, wreath making, local Christmas Carnivals, dinner with Friends and fun fun fun. I’m ready, willing and able.


As far as I’m concerned, 31st October heralds the start of Christmas festivities.

You can all uncover your eyes now!

Have a brilliant week

Lots of love

Lady C



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