Chapter Twenty-Five – Love is all around me


Whatever I’m feeling I can pretty much guarantee one of my friends has had a similar feeling or is having a similar feeling.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who can identify with some many different parts of my life. I know on any given day/moment that I can text/ call / message / facebook someone and they’ll know exactly how I feel and support me, make me laugh, give me a virtual hug or just send some love.


I have my best friend, who’s been my best friend since school (a longgggg time ago now) and she is GuideMother to my Son and my objective conscience when I need someone to give me a different view yet she’s loyal to me and will always have my best interests at heart.  She is my balanced mind. She is different from me but yet we have the same moral compass. She is the first person I think of when I wanted to do something big (or small) in my life (wedding, Daniel etc) and she always will be.  I’m so lucky to have her. I love her. Unconditionally. I feel like she’s my sister that I never had and I love that she’s never said we can’t do something in 20+ years! I really feel blessed having her in my life. She really is my rock and someone who I literally could not live without.


I have my yummy mummies – the girls who really know what its like to be a mum who feels guilty every second of the day – they have loved my son like their own and they are always there for me.  I can honestly say these girls have been completely essential to my life and wellbeing. They understand my guilt and my desire to do right by Daniel in every way. There have been some times in the last 4 years I didn’t know if I was a good mum or not – but without fail, these 3 have made me feel like the best mother in the world (and a damn good friend) – I love them for their honesty, laughs and hugs. (amongst other things!). I feel very privileged to have these 3 special people in my life ( and their special people too!)


My sister in Law(s) – I’m super lucky here. I have two of the most amazing sister in laws. Unfortunately one of them lives in Newcastle so I don’t get to see her very often but when I do I just want to squeeze her tight.  She’s an angel. Kind, thoughtful, selfless. A beauty inside and out.  Actually that kind of describes my other one too.  She’s literally the most lovely, sweet and wonderful human being. She has a HUGE heart and endless love and she has made my brother a better person.  She’s so lovely to me and I love that I now have two beautiful nieces to love and be part of their lives because of her.  She’s very special to me.  They both are.

This is Kat (the newcastle one! Kat’s the beautiful petite one!) and I really need to pin Nikki down to a good picture of us.


My Girlies – what can I say about these beauties, we’ve been friends for a VERY long time. I met Lucy and Clayre when I was 17. I can’t believe that was 20 years ago.  I’ve been bridesmaid (to Lucy) and been privileged to have been part of their lives.  We’ve seen parents pass on, we’ve seen babies born, weddings, christenings, so many life events.  We’ve been there for most of them together. I know we haven’t always agreed and there has been a few dinners out with bad service and food, but overall its always been a constantly good part of my life.  I’ve grown up around these girls and I’ll be eternally grateful for their love, fun and support. When I had Daniel – they were all wonderful – but Clayre met me every week for lunch or coffee or just a catch up and I really couldn’t have got through the first few months without her advice, support and love.  They all mean the world to me and all are very different but very much part of my DNA. (Clayre, Clare, Sally, Lucy, Jo – heart you!)


My Work Friends that are now my friend friends – I have so many people to mention. Mentors, new friends, people I’ve brought with me from other places and wonderful people I’ve worked with and who have worked for me.  To have so many unique and wonderful friendships has been such a blessing.  I have a little bit of each of them in my heart.  My beautiful and lovely fashionista Chara (who I love to bits) and my gorgeous Bec who was my partner in crime and the lovely Janet and Marisa who make me laugh and my old Boss AM and then Roz, who helped me through some dark times and my Teri who I adore.  There are many more (scottie the hottie) and loads of others from KG and before, but there are so many happy memories wrapped up in all those people.  I have 14 years of stories to share.  I am in love with ALL my fruity people the most as I feel its there that I made the most impact and changed myself.  Good times people. Good times!


My oldest friends that have come to me in various ways – Tor – who is another yummy mummy and a brilliant friend who’s counsel I seek often and regularly, she’s calm and sensible and just a really good person, Gail, my bridesmaid and just all around lovely lovely person – the person who always surprises me.  I love that about her. People from my barmaid days and people like Kathryn who are just one of lifes fighters – she inspires me constantly with her strength, courage and compassion.  There are the boys (john, brownie, moose, adam, dave) but they are just like lots of brothers. Tweaking my nose and pulling my hair but really kind of love me in a brotherly way.  So many others that have touched my life and I’ve had for over 15 years.  Thank you (I hope I’ve not missed anyone)


My Family – my mum, dad and brother. It kind of goes without saying but love ya!


My Husband – is my other best friend. I’ve known him for 17 years and we’ve been married for 12 as of next week.  We have probably 13 blissful years with no rows and an amazing balance of love and happiness.  We then had Daniel. (I’m laughing out loud here at this point) and we added exhaustion, guilt, frustration and sheer overwhelming love for someone other than each other took over! We definitely have had highs and lows but I can honestly say that he’s the love of my life. He makes me laugh, makes me mad, makes me cry and makes me happy (and sad sometimes!) but he’s always been there for me. He hates that I buy way too many clothes/shoes/bags and that I waste money  on ‘stuff’. He loves that I like cleaning and keeping our house looking good. I know he appreciates my sense of humour (ish) and he knows I think he’s an amazing daddy. He knows me so well. I feel very lucky to have him. More on that next week!


Not quite true as I also work but I definitely shop!

So as I close this evenings blog I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Happy Sunday lovelies


Lady C xx



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