Chapter Twenty Nine – Dancing in the Moonlight /Thriller


Hello Beautiful People

Well I’ve just had the best half term week! Plus it was Halloween. So Perfect. I’ve been revelling in pure mummy heaven. I’ve had 5 full days (with weekends 9 days – and everyone counts) with my gorgeous little man.

The majority of the week I’m going to call ‘LOFT-GATE’ and I will expand on this later,  but we hired a skip on the first Saturday and then literally spent the whole week filling it. 8 years of living here and we don’t have a garage. So every bit of crap we had went in the loft. We really did have good intentions and I’m sure we thought we would keep everything but honestly, looking back we literally just put anything and everything up there. We skipped about 80% of the contents.


I was embarrassed about how many clothes I had. I ended up taking 20 black bags to charity. Plus another 5 of cushions and duvet covers and tablecloths. I actually uncovered 5 different sets of christmas decorations too (now all beautifully boxed and labeled). We made a pact to never do this again. I think I’ve been through the house now and chucked so much stuff. Goodness knows how much money we have wasted. I’m ashamed. I am committing now in writing that I won’t ever be that wasteful again. I promise.

We’ve had a full on week. Monday we went to Warwick Castle – which was fantastic. Bloody expensive but great. The castle itself is amazing, so beautifully restored and completely authentic. It was a good day weather wise so we managed to get to see most things. Daniel was a smidgen freaked by the underground museum section but generally we had a great time. We were all knackered though! The clocks going back did something to us so we felt a bit sluggish by 5.30pm.


Tuesday was seeing an old friend and her daughter and two new friends who are Daniel’s school friends mums. Daniel was beside himself to see Jack, Isobel and Lewis. He really loved running around with them like a loon for 2 hours. He was bright red and sweating but he did not want to leave! I got told off for bringing my own food (naughty cake woman) but it was so so lovely to share stories and laugh about things. They are such lovely people, I feel very lucky to have made some mummy school friends (more on that later)

Wednesday was again, loft inspired mainly – 4 hours in the morning, a brief interlude where I visited my gorgeous Sister in Law and nieces and then back to do another 2 hours.  We were only 1/2 way through!


However my sister in law inspired me by introducing me to Gingerbread Lattes’ YUM. One of the best christmasy drinks she’s found! I managed to find some and I think I am as addicted as she is!

Thursday was super fun, loft (3 hours) in the morning and then the afternoon was spent with my gorgeous yummy mummies. My amazing Kelly put on a brilliant party for the kids.


Here is me with all my little witches and trying to encourage Daniel to come in to the picture. As the only boy, he’s not keen AT ALL.


He was really shy and didn’t want to join in. He looked adorable in his little soldier costume.


I got a cuddle and a good selfie with my little man in the end.

So Friday was Halloween! I was always interested in Halloween but I’ve seen it grow massively in the last 5 years in the UK. I’d love to go to Boston and go to Salem and see what its like in an authentic US town. The American’s love Halloween and really celebrate it. Embrace it. This year Daniel wanted to go trick or treating.

Mainly I think because I invited his school friends. He has a lovely group of friends, some from lower school and some from preschool who we’ve kept in touch with. Josh and his lovely mum and sister Mia came and also Isobel and Lewis.  We are SO lucky to have made such great friends. Don’t they all look amazing!


I sort of went a bit mad on the house. We had 3 pumpkins and loads of lights (I love a light! especially of the fairy light variety).


Here is my Halloween inspired wreath (above)


This is the slightly blurry image of my outfit – I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I even had red shoes. I felt a slight idiot walking around the village with the dress blowing up. Which was super embarrassing. Especially when knocking on the doors of Daniel’s school friends!

So the loft – we had 3 people stop by our skip and take things out of it. A couple who pulled up in a van and took literally all the metal out and then anything else they could get their hands on.  Dec accidentally put out a T-Shirt (which I couldn’t throw away) and I saw it and took it back only to find me wrestling with the lady who literally tried to rip it out of my hands. She then pointed at her feet and bless her she had completely worn shoes and then asked me for shoes! ( bear in mind we’d given her 20 pieces of metal and 3 boxes of clothes). I did manage to find her some shoes but blimey, talk about pressure! We then had a gentleman rock up and ask if he could ‘go through’ the skip. We obviously said yes. What else could we say?! The upside was we thought we’d need another skip and we didn’t as they all took so much stuff!

So I find myself on 1st & 2nd November thinking about another new friend I made (through this blog) who shared (& posted) a really interesting idea called Happy November –


I absolutely love this idea. Hayley tagged me and said I should join in and I totally agree.

So 1st & 2nd November heralds my first day of #happynovemberproject

Have a lovely week and looking forward to writing to you all again next week- mwahh xx


Lady C






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