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Houses are made of love and my favourite time of year is Christmas.


My house – CHRISTMAS 2013


I am such a fan of Christmas. I mean I’m freakily in love with it.  We have just opened our christmas shop (2nd August) at work and I’ve already bought several things. I cannot wait until Sept when the Next Christmas catalogue comes out.  I get all excited about Autumn and then when it gets to December, I go in to overdrive…. I’m Christmas-zilla

I have 3 trees in my house.  One is mine (above) in the kitchen, one in Daniel’s playroom and one small one in his bedroom. If I had a big hallway I’d have one there as well.

This is the sign in Daniel’s window of his playroom. I love that his playroom becomes like a santa’s grotto!



Daniel is allowed to decorate his own tree…. but no one is allowed to decorate mine.  I know.  I feel mean, but I can’t help it. Its one of the most exciting parts of christmas, decorating my tree.

Its signifies the start of christmas to me. The day the tree goes up, Christmas has started in my house.  It used to be 1st December… but its slowly crept to end of November.

We have the cutest Christmas Carnival here where I live, they close the high street and have fairground rides and stalls with hog roast and hot chocolate and the village halls are full to the brim with stallholders providing unique christmas goodies. (last years logo below)


I love that they even have a facebook page and their own logo! Its just such a massive event for our village.  As Daniel goes to school and we get closer to the community, I’m really keen to get involved, so I’ve volunteered this year! (I may regret this…)

Back to my house.. so I love having twinkly fairy lights everywhere I tend to keep them up all year round.  I love using lights to add soft texture to rooms and I like my tree to look subtle but beautiful (if possible!)


Daniel’s tree is his choice and its very much a kids fun tree! He has hanging candy canes and fun baubles. He loves turning the lights on in the evening and we even put a santa sack under there last year. He’s always fiddling with it and he loves looking at the candy canes we place on there.  I think its a real ‘kids’ tree with bright baubles and funny decorations.  I even let him have one section of tinsel (tasteful)- which must mean I love him!


This is my hallway.  I would love a hallway big enough to have a tree but not in this house so I try and make the best of what I have and try and have little themes in every part of the house.


I loved this doormat. It was so cute and went by the back door.  We left the reindeers some food and santa a mince pie and drinks and I put fake snow out with footprints on this rug and in to the house so Daniel can really believe in the magic of christmas.


My amazing sister in law loves christmas even more than me to be honest and last year she made myself & Daniel Christmas Eve boxes. They were gorgeous – so thoughtful and kind.  I really loved the sentiment as well as the gift themselves! Daniel loved the DVD and I immediately put on the hot chocolate.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, I’ve already got a massive christmas board and I can’t wait to try some of the ideas.


I’ve taken inspiration from our enchanted theme christmas at work and I can’t wait to add my newly purchased (yes in August) baubles to the tree… now where did I put that Christmas magazine from last year….




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