Chapter Twenty Two – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…


Hello Lovelies

Sunday evening again!  I’m kind of distracted this evening as I’m watching the Launch Show of Strictly Come Dancing tonight.  I absolutely LOVE this show.  I love dancing and I love the whole thing.  Its kind of wholesome fun.  So excited for Tess and Claudia to be hosting as they are both fab, Claudia is so funny.  I know not everyone likes Tess but I really like her.  I read her book about having her babies before I had Daniel and I really liked it.  So I’m a bit of fan of both of them.  Girl Power!

So this was Daniel’s first week at school.  What a week.  I’ve been so sick this week – I’ve got a cold, a couple of mouth ulcers and I’ve had some kind of allergic reaction to something on my face which has just been so red and dry.  Not attractive.  I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow!  I don’t ever feel like that but taking Daniel to school last week really makes me want to take him everyday.  This is my little man in his uniform.  I was soooo proud! He looked adorable.


Although the playground is as intimating as it was when I was at school. I have two really good friends who describe the playground as ‘ the most terrifying place on earth’.  I kind of know what they mean, everyone seems to know what they are doing and where there kids should go and all are organised.  I’m already feeling left out!  I’ll get over it but its terrifying indeed! I think I just need to make some friends and I’ll be OK!


I’ve also seen an interesting change in Daniel’s personality. He’s become a VERY stroppy little man.  I think he’s exhausted. Its kind of how he behaves when he’s tired but plus 1000%.   This is him ‘posing’



And again…


I’m sure it will calm down!  We had 2 days of him loving it and tonight he was very much ‘ I don’t want to go to school tomorrow’ and I don’t want school dinners!

I’ve already messed up as I don’t have shorts and I also didn’t give him something for show and tell on Friday!  Naughty Mel, must do better!!

I hope he does want to go tomorrow, as I’m not here and I feel so bad leaving Dec to sort everything.  He’s a brilliant dad, Daniel is lucky to have him.

On a separate note, just wanted to mentioned another person in my life, my Sister in Law – Nikki.  She’s had 10 days without my brother, with my twin nieces who have had chicken pox and all sorts of other drama’s and I think she’s amazing!


She sent me these pictures of the girls wearing such adorable wellies!  How cute?


Finally its my Brothers’ 36th Birthday today! (the twins’ daddy) and I feel the need to embarrass him!


This is him at 21!  How funny.  He looks somewhat similar… he he he!


Right, time for me to sign of and get ready for another week!

Have a great week my lovelies –

Lady C



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