Darcy Me – North and South

Bonnet me up… I’m going to share another one of my favourites…..

Richard Armitage

Well OK – its not actually Jane Austen…… but hell, it could be.  Its the Sexy Sultry Richard Armitage portraying a northern version of Mr Darcy in North and South.   The novel by Elizabeth Gaskell set against the backdrop of Victorian England’s industrial north, it follows the fortunes of Margaret Hale, one of 19th century literature’s most original heroines. Played by Daniela Denby-Ashe, Margaret is a privileged, middle class southerner who is forced to settle in the northern town of Milton.  Her distaste for the town and its people extends to handsome and charismatic cotton mill owner John Thornton, (Richard Armitage), whom she believes epitomises everything she dislikes about the North. I watched it on BBC1 in 2008.   I loved it.

Brooding, sexy, hardworking and slightly uptight John Thornton and equally uptight and kind of prissy Margaret Hale who thinks she’s ‘better’ than the northern women of Milton.  Having come from the south she’s more refined and more sensitive than the tough northern women.  She makes up her mind to dislike their way of life but realises very quickly that they are salt of the earth, kind, generous and actually very good people.

Arguably the BEST bonnet drama kiss we’ve seen, this last few minutes of the last episode is romantic, sexy, emotional and kind of hot! for Victorian England.

I think its probably Richard Armitage that makes it so good. The man appears to be a damn fine kisser.  I mean, I obviously have no first hand knowledge but usually there is a a kind of colin firth ‘britishness’ about most bonnet drama kisses, but not Mr A, he’s definitely not shy.  He definitely shows his pent up passion.

If I’m honest, it also makes me shed a few tears – the last few scenes.  Just the realisation that they have wasted so much time NOT being together.   There is also a scene where she jumps in front of him in angry crowd (episode 2 I think) instinctively to save him and she gets hit with a brick and he realises that he loves her.  He doesn’t say it.  She doesn’t say it (they can’t!) but its in the air.   I’m such a hopeless romantic.  I am willing them to realise how much they love each other at that moment. It really reminds me of when Darcy first see’s Elizabeth and he is instantly attracted to her (“despite his better nature”).  I love that Richard’s character realises early on he loves her but can only really say something when he’s lost everything.  She then saves HIM. (emotionally and financially).


As with most ‘bonnet’ drama’s I think its the people playing the characters that bring it to life, I have to say, they picked well with Richard.

Its a great series, definitely worth a watch if you like brooding men, feisty women, smouldering tension and some great acting performances. Its a gem.

Enjoy x

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